Real Dairy Ice Cream crafted on Manor Farm, Langrish.

Dylan’s Ice Cream founder Ben Govier has been making ice cream since he was a boy, so it’s no surprise he’s now rather good at it. The best ice cream is created from the freshest ingredients plus a lot of love, and ours is crafted at Manor Farm in Langrish. The company is named after our much-missed black Labrador, hence the paw in our logo. In 2014 we opened an ice-cream parlour in Haslemere to complement our two roving vans, and we have dedicated fans at events across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

45728_139791376063109_5632891_nWe use as many local ingredients as possible.

Our strawberries are from a grower in Bishops Waltham, our blackberries from a smallholding in Guildford, our rhubarb from Ben’s mum’s allotment (her friends now supply us too.) Our milk comes from a farm in Froxfield and our sugar from British-grown beet. Some manufacturers get their flavours from paste in tins. We never, ever do that. With Dylan’s you can almost taste the summer’s day those strawberries reached their peak. Picked, crushed, blended, frozen, eaten. Sensational.

268550_212781922097387_8252650_nLook out for our changing seasonal flavours.

No week at Dylan’s is the same. We change our flavours to suit the seasons, offering our customers summer treats and winter delights: from Rhubarb Crumble and Gooseberry Swirl to Lemon Curd and Bumble Bee (honey, chocolate and honeycomb, a speciality unique to Dylan’s.)

We take advantage of what’s best today so you’ll always have a choice of mesmerising tastes, whether you’re picking from our van at a spring wedding or in our ice-cream parlour on an autumn afternoon.

To find out more, call 01428 645219 or email us today. We’d love to help.