Pear Sorbet.

By 14th November 2018Uncategorised

Possibly my favourite thing to come out of the Dylan’s kitchen this year. Not the most inventive or ground braking flavour, but thanks to some quality sourcing, it’s amazing.

We have been lucky enough to get hold of some pears from Swam Barn, (2 miles up the road from us) and Kingscombe Field Study Centre down in Dorset.
Both are culinary pears, so work very well when heated and with sugar added to them (which we need to do to make the sorbet.)
The first batch wree Catilllac Pears. These we washed, chopped and turned into sorbet which sold out in a day!

The second batch are Black Worcesters. A historic variety grown pre 1575!

Wonder how long this batch will last?