Half Term at Dylan’s

By 18th October 2018Uncategorised

Each of the Dylan’s Staff (That aren’t on Holiday) are organising a day each this half term. This is what we have planned.

Monday 22nd – Tom’s Sports Day
Dylan’s blow football plus free sprinkles for anyone in kit.

Tuesday 23rd – Matthew’s Lego Day

Wednesday 24th – Bethan’s Lizard Day
Lean all about Lizards with our resident Lizard expert before she returns to Mauritius to work with the Lizards there. Complete the lizard quiz and even make your own paper lizard.

Thursday 25th -Ben’s Bring Your Own Banana Day
Bring your own banana and get a banana split for £3

Friday 26th – Alasdair’s Music Day.
Make an ice cream shop musical instrument and join Alasdair’s orchestra.