Custom ice cream flavours / mini tubs.

By 19th April 2018Uncategorised

As we make all the ice cream ourselves, we can have a go at making any custom flavours to complement your event. We can even pot them up in single portion tubs with spoons.

That’s exactly what the folks over at Xero were after for their staff meeting to launch the new finical year. Their event was based around their 5 company values. So it was only fitting that the 5 flavours of ice cream matched these values.

With the challenge on we came up with 5 ideas that loosely fitted in. Rum & Raisin for the value Ownership, was a favourite (because you drink rum on a ship!)
Once agreed, these flavours were made and potted.

Labels were designed and printed out in the company font and colour.

It was just left for Ben to drive the van to Milton Keynes and hand the ice cream out during the lunch break, to all the happy Xero employees.

‘Dylan’s drove their cool van over to a recent Xero meeting and handed out tubs of special flavours made to match the days theme.  Everyone loved it, there’s nothing like a tub of ice-cream to make you feel good at lunch-time. Now we’re just trying to work out what other events we can book Dylan’s for! – Liz, Xero Events Team’

Have you got an event, or a party that could do with some great ice cream, get in touch. We like a challenge.