2015 at Dylan’s Ice Cream Surrey

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It’s been a busy 2015 at Dylan’s, both in the Milk Barn at Haslemere and with the two vans racing around to all the good events in Surrey ,Hampshire and Sussex.
As no doubt there will be 100s of reviews of the year we thought we would conduct our own straw poll of the staff at Dylan’s. So here are our favourite things of 2015.

Flavour of the year – Stripy School Surprise
The winner of Class 4 from Fernhurst School’s flavour competition back in March consisting of stripes of Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant Ice Cream this has made many a welcome return to the Ice Cream cabinet.
Honourable mention: Marathon, Black ButterStripy School Surprise farm

Offer of the year – Bring Your Own Banana
No school holiday would be complete with out a Bring Your Own Banana day (or so I’m told.) For those not in the know, if you turn up on BYOB day with your own Banana you get a Banana Split for £3, usually £5.25.  Bring Your Own Banana

Event of the year – Tooth Fairy Day
Turns out August 22nd is international tooth fairy day, as discovered by Mack. So we had to celebrate Dylan’s style. There were colouring in fairies to decorate the ceiling, a special Aqua Fresh flavour (Raspberry, Vanilla and Blueberry), and a Tooth Hunt with exciting dental prizes.
Honourable mention: Dylan’s Halloween Party II Aquafresh Ice Cream

Colouring in of the year – Turkeys
During this year the corner bench has turned in to the ‘craft corner’. Due to me being bullied by the under 5s we now have a different colouring in sheet each month, with the results hung from the ceiling. In November, not wanting to go full on Christmas we opted for Thanksgiving Turkeys. We ended up with a good hundred adorning the ceiling.
Honourable mention : the Halloween witches, cats and bats were pretty good. Turkey Colouring in

Cake of the year – Millionaire Flapjack
Whilst we make all of our own Ice Cream, we leave the cake making to Crosbies over in Witley. They supply all the cakes sold in the Milk Barn, there is a good selection, but the hand down staff favourite has to be the Millionaire Flapjack.

Supplier of the Year- Durley Strawberries 
Not only have Gabe and Gosina supplied us with almost 500kg of Strawberries all grown on their farm in Durley. They also put on a brilliant music festival at the end of July, complete with many great bands, fireworks and a bar in one of the poly-tunnels.

Hero of the year. James
As well a putting on the rather good and very busy Haslemere Classic Car Show over on Lion Green, he has also got the vans back running a fair few times this year.Strawberries

Villain of the year.
That crazy (putting it kindly) lady on trip advisor reviewing ice cream flavours we have never made, 3 months after she apparently visited!!

See you in 2016.

All at Dylan’s