Fernhurst School’s Ice Cream Creations.

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We have been honoured to work with class 4 from Fernhurst School over the last couple of weeks to come up with some interesting new flavours.

It started with a visit to the Milk Barn where the kids got a talk on Ice Cream making, had a look at the ingredients, asked a lot of question but most importantly tried all the flavours.

Armed with their Ice Cream making knowledge the children return to class and over the next week worked in groups to invent some new flavours for the shop.

A week later I visited the school to hear the presentations on the new flavours. The original idea was to pick the best one to make. The trouble was they were all really good, so although Stripy School Surprise was the winner I decided to make them all.

They were:

Stripy School Surprise – Layers of blackcurrant, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry and blueberry Ice Cream.

Stripy School Surprise

Berry Burst 4 – Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and Blackberry Sorbet mixed together

Berry Burst

4 Galore – Caramel and Cream Ice Cream with bits of chocolate brownie and fudge.

4 Galore

Fernhurst Surprise – Banana Ice Cream with toffee pieces and Chocolate pieces (Banoffee)

Fernhurst Surprise

4 The Best – Chocolate Ice cream with mini marshmallows and tiny chunks of shortbread (Rocky Road)

4 The Best

I returned to Fernhurst School one final time, this time with the van full of their Ice Cream. Class 4 got to try their creations, then the rest of the school joined in for an end of term treat.

The Winner: Stripy School Surprise is on sale now!

in shop

Here it is half eaten at the Milk Barn.